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What is Asset Progression?

Ever wondered if its possible to upgrade from a HDB to a private condominium without forking much cash?

This is what is known as Asset Progression, where homeowners undergo a process to upgrade their properties.

Unknown to many, with the right financial planning; it is possible to upgrade comfortably without coming up with large amount of additional cash.

It all lies in the numbers, and because it varies from homeowners to homeowners, we have sought out professional licensed Real Estate Agents who are armed with extensive financial knowledge so that homeowners who seek our help can have an accurate estimate of their upgrading portfolio.

How do i get started?

To get started, homeowners would have to register through an agent’s page on PropertyGenie. 

Once your Asset Progression intent has been received, our team of Asset Progression professionals will be in touch with you to confirm a meeting.

At the meeting, you will be asked about the current financing of your property, loan tenure, existing home remaining tenure, mortgage details, prospective homes and other information that will be useful for the agent to calculate the current financial standing of your property.

With the figures, homeowners like you would be able to have a close gauge and idea of the next property that is within the comfortable range. Our professionals are also ready to advise you on any other property needs you may have.

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